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July 31, 2009 at 6:06 pm Leave a comment

I’ve decided that I’m still learning. You would think that 2 years post-RNY, I would know my limits, know every little thing that would set me off or make me want to hurl or lie down or burst into epileptic sweat sessions. But no. I have decided that I will never know better. My little brain will always be plotting against me.

Why is that, you ask? Well. Sometimes I can eat a few spoonfuls of ice cream and just be peachy-keen. Then, like today for instance, I will eat something called a “flying disc” which is nothing more than cinnamon, dough, and sugar, and I will be sick. 50/50, my stomach is a rebellious teenager that either will or won’t cooperate.

And all that “I’m a perfect patient, I’ll NEVER touch sugar again, by God!” is a bunch of bull. Everyone wants to be normal again. I know it’s all moderation. But I’m still learning. As a result, I feel like crap today. Ohhh to be one of those people that learns from their mistakes. What’s that like?

Well, all I am sure of is that school is starting soon…I’m getting to that point in my college career that I need to declare a major, and, you know, stickwith it. Heh. SO. I’m going to be a librarian! Why not? I read more books in a couple of months than do most people in their lifetime. (Ok, this is probably not true, but I live in AL so it’s not ENTIRELY out of the range of possibility.)

So what this means…is I can essentially get any undergrad degree I want. Then go to grad school. So I guess English. My only problem with that is that…well. I hate English professors. I really do. It’s either “their way or the highway” and they all are so ego maniacal in their teachings…that if you’re not necessarily wrong, just because you don’t write like THEY do, you’re fucked. Huh. I need to overcome this.

But I am kind of looking forward to school this year, because I’m going to a private school that is the best in the city…I am SO over state schools. Even though this one will probably send me into spirals of debt, whatever. It’s better than the other schools. Pretty campus. Better (ie not-so-bitter-inner-city) professors. Better curriculum. I’m looking forward to it.


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