I need to work on my coffee-snobbery.

June 14, 2009 at 6:08 pm Leave a comment

Ok, so I go to the same local coffee shop every single day (except Sundays, in which they are closed, in which I kind of die a little on the inside because of ). And I’ve gone there for over a year now. I walk in the door, they instantly start making my iced-nonfat-extra-shot-latte. And then I sit my ass down and enjoy the music. Because they play Sigur Ros and Regina Spektor and Iron & Wine  and, uh, not that shit that Starbucks has to crank out.

But my point:

At least once a week while I’m sitting, I watch a wide-eyed girl (it’s ALWAYS girls) with their potentially-leathery tan, flip-flops, a designer bag, nose in the air—I watch her walk up to the counter and say this: “Hi. Uh. Do you have anything blended? Like, a frappucino?” and they go, “No. We can do iced drinks. But no blenders.” And then she walks out the door, deflated and pissed. It makes me giggle.

But then! The other day, this: “I want something iced. That is decaf. And doesn’t taste like coffee.”

Hello?! You’re in a COFFEE shop! Go to Dairy Queen! I wanted to scream at her. Really. I need to control my anger and total coffee-snobbery.

Speaking of addictions, True Blood is coming on soon. And it’s a little pathetic, how excited I am, even though Sookie’s Southern accent is really, really horrible (I do NOT sound like that!).


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Since when are libraries “cool”? I don’t like this. Just one of those days…

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