I <3 the library, but not this movie.

April 27, 2009 at 9:10 pm Leave a comment

I currently have 31 items checked out of the library.

This, is why my blog suffers.

I checked out the film Disfigured,  and it really stunk. I was excited about a film that combined the painful worlds of anorexia and obesity into one big meaningful mush of cinematic genius, and it fell short. Really, really short. I kept having the urge to fall asleep. Which is a downer, I really wanted it to be good. It shows one of the characters “giving in” pretty much and getting a gastric bypass. And of course that character is already a douche-bag that solicits sex for money and is portrayed as a total ass. That was annoying. SO. I’m not biased. Of coursenot, darlings. But it sucked. The characters weren’t relateable and the plot was pointless. I’m glad I got it from the library/it was free. Nothing wasted, except time.

Okay, well, since I had a gastric bypass/took the easy way out, I guess I need to go hire some hookers and be a total asshole. I need to get on that.

/bitter rant.


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Cook yourself thin. Make meth. Blah blah blah.

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Griffin H. Bat was very, very fat. She had WLS in 2007 and has gone from 314 pounds to 120ish, and often wonders where her mind went along with all that gooey adipose matter. Even with new guts, she still thinks about cupcakes and their confectionary goodness. She feels like a bear that has lost its stuffing, but she won't hesitate to tell you how lovely you are.

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