Obsession: not just a fragrance.

April 16, 2009 at 10:02 pm Leave a comment

I’ve had my nose totally buried in books lately. It’s a snowball effect, I’ve learned…once you read one memoir that mentions something else, then you have to go and Google that  book, and then, you know. Madness.

So it started with a memoir called “Food and Loathing”  (which is about an a compulsive eater/bipolar woman, very interesting if not a bit bland), which mentioned a photograph taken by Diane Arbus. A picture of twin little girls that depicts “all that is unfair with the world,” because one little girl is smiling and the other is frowning with slightly droopy eyes.

So. Thus begins my obsession with Diane Arbus. She used her camera as a shield against the world and took pictures of, well, everyone. Freaks. Big people. Little people. Couples. Rich kids. Drug addicts. Andy Warhol’s “factory” people. And she was amazing.

So I’m kind of thinking, holy shit, I want to totally do this. I want to photograph everyone. Everything. I’ve been shooting weddings with my dad for years, and I’m so bored of weddings. Bored of photo shoots with plastered smiles (you’d be amazed at how many people I’ve heard say “My mouth hurts from smiling!” in a pissy tone). I want to put my camera to interesting  use.

I think this obsession is a good one. Maybe.

Other: I checked out like 5 workout DVDs from the library again. Um, “Walking Away the Pounds” is for old people; I mean, it was 15 minutes long! And she was all “OMG this is amazing you guys!” and it freaked me out/pissed me off.  15 minutes of walking/moving in place? WTF kind of workout is that? Boring, that’s what. After that I popped in the NYC Ballet Co. workout. That, kids, has made every limb in my body ache. So, success.

Okay. I’m going to finish the Diane Arbus biography I’m reading. Seriously…if I could just channel this obsessive energy into something productive,  like, you know, school/a major/keeping a decent job without panic-attacking my way out of it/anything serious, then I would be much better off.


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No future in the art of dance. Cook yourself thin. Make meth.

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