Finally, in a store I actually live near!

February 1, 2009 at 10:25 pm Leave a comment

So, I was hanging out in the freezer section at my local (super!) Target–what else would I do on a Sunday?–and I was just standing there, gawking at the assorted delicious things, minding my own business, and then, I see them. And my heart skips a beat. There, on my 5’4 eye-level, was a beaming row of these:


~ via my crappy camera phone

Vitalicious Vitatops. And one choice of Vitamuffin. Despite the small selection, holy shit. Score! I used to order these by the case online until it got too hot for them to be delivered (and let’s say, I got some melty ones once, and uh…it was not pretty. They tasted like dog food. Don’t ask me how I know this.).

Anyway, it’s shit like this that excites me. When I find something that didn’t exist to anyone except me when I ordered them online. And now? I expect next time I go to Target, they’ll be gone. Because people will figure this out: they. are. delicious.  And 100 calories. Low sugar-ish. High fiber. Mmm.

If you ever find these suckers…let me give you a hint: do NOT take them out of the package before you nuke them in the microwave. They will dry out and get really gross. But. I didn’t tell you that, because, you know. I don’t know what issues your microwave may have with these delicate things. But when they dry out, it’s not good. The right balance of heat and moisture, and you’re good to go. They can thaw on their own time, but I’m way too impatient for that nonsense.


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