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Oh my.

And here it is: the regain. Yep. I’ve gained a few pounds. I was kind of expecting it; I’ve felt like crap lately and, hey, that’s a great excuse to eat like a retard, right? Soo. My pants that used to fit so nicely? They’re tight.

This is where I admit it: I’m so not perfect. I had surgery on my guts, not my brain. The fat girl? She’s still there! She likes to eat. I’ve been feeding her peanut butter and cookies and all sorts of comfort foods the past few weeks. I’m just hoping that my intense guilt over this is enough to take a step back and fix this before it gets out of control. It’s so easy to slip back into “bad” habits.

So. I’m really glad that my new job starts next week and it involves lots! of walking around a giant, sprawling hospital. I need to get out of this lazy funk. I’m probably overreacting: I’m prone to do that. I told my mom that I’d gained like 6 pounds and she said that she couldn’t tell; that, if I did, indeed, gain 6 pounds, that it’s 6 pounds I needed to gain. What? Okay, no.

Just, no.


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Liquid meds are messy.

So, I’ve had this pesky ear infection for a while now. I have chronic ear infections, usually cured (temporarily) by going to a doc-in-a-box and getting ear drops. So…this time I decided to go to a REAL ENT/specialist. He gave me 3 prescriptions and sent me on my way.

And? After a day of taking some of this stuff…um. My head feels like it’s going to implode. It feels like someone shot me in the ear with industrial-strength glue and it hardened. Fun! I woke up in tears this morning. Now I have another set of drops to take, to make my face not hurt. It’s weird. I just hope my brain isn’t going to fall out of my ears at this point.

This brings up an interesting issue: swallowing horse-sized pills post-op. Some people do it after a while. I, however, do not. I don’t trust them anymore, I STILL don’t think I absorb them correctly with my fun little angry stomach. So I feel like a child when I hand my prescriptions in to the pharmacist and say, in a small voice, “can I get that in liquid, please?” and explain myself. Heh. Well. I feel like I should get stickers or candy with my liquid prescriptions in cherry-berry-flavor.

Oh, and I go tomorrow to “sign papers” for my new job. Yes, that’s right. It’s part time irregular with no benefits (yet), but it’s a start. It’s a decent-paying pharmacy job in a hospital in a crap economy (another hospital in this city just closed, leaving hundreds jobless and searching), I feel lucky. It’s hard to get a job there. Shit, it took over a month for them to call me. But at least they did. I guess I didn’t tank the interview as much as I thought I did.

Unrelated, but, on my way back to my house I saw snowflakes. Like, 3 or 4, but that’s enough to warrant the entire city to run to wal-mart, buy up all the bread and milk, and convince themselves it’s a snowstorm. And that’s a bummer. I really need bread. I want pb&j.

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When it rains, it pours.

Moving, is lame. Getting a satellite dish to avoid getting crappy local digital cable? Impossible, because of “condo associations” and such. Um. It took them 2 months of giving me the run-around and let’s just say, even though all the surrounding houses have satellite dishes, I do not. Because I’m “following the rules”. They could have told me sooner, is all. My ass appreciates not having to sit on the cold, hard chairs at Whole Foods every day using the free Wi-Fi.

So I have crap cable and crap internet. But, I’m here. And waiting on a call-back from the job interview…oh Lordy. I’m trying not to obsess over it. But in trying not to think about it, I think about it.

My “service engine soon” light came on in my car…and wouldn’t you know it, this is the fourthtime (in a row!) something has messed up in my car within days of getting an oil change…hmmm. Coincidence? I think not! I’m really steamed about this. Because I’m poor. And I paid $40 for that oil change and the guy said everything looked “great”. Yeah. 4th time now. Breaking down. I want a bike…Which would really do me a world of good, because my eating has been so. screwed. up. lately. My routine is trying to sort itself out in this mess.

I’m going to go play Skip-Bo now. It’s the one thing I win at right now, Hah. If you’re ever feeling down, go play a game. Skip-Bo. Uno. Candyland. Nothing stressful. I swear. It does wonders.


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The “job” situation…

So, I have a job interview Wednesday. I really, really hate job interviews. I’ve never “lost” at an interview. But still, I never know how to answer those ridiculous questions, like:

What are your weaknesses?

Oh, I don’t know. Chocolate?

It’s true. But not what they’re looking for. I just hope to go into it looking professional, sweet as pie, and do my best. It’s for a real job, none of this fulfilling-my-nerd-dreams-at-a-bookstore/getting-it-out-of-my-system job stints. It’s in a hospital and everything. Given, it’s an entry-level pharmacy position, but it’s at a university hospital and it would be great to start up there and then get to go to school for free after however many months. Pharmacy seems to be the direction in which I am currently pointing. I have taken too many health-science classes to just turn my back. Heh.

But yes. I’m still blogging via free interwebz at Whole Foods. I think they’re making me fat again. But I can’t sit here, use the internet, and ignore those smells and all that good crap wafting my way. But I am about to go clean my entire new house so it doesn’t smell like…old house. I’ll burn off all this “health food”, you betcha.

I guess I’m an adult now: I actually have enough floor-space to need one of those Swiffer mops, so I bought one. I went to Target and bought cleaning supplies instead of a DVD/CD/clothes. I guess the next step is saving for retirement and looking up condos in Boca.

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So this is the New Year…

It’s funny, I thought that throughout the madness of moving, I would gain weight. I mean, really, I’ve been coming to Whole Foods every day to drop off my boyfriend at work and then I stay to use the Wi-Fi…and I eat food here. Fatty, delicious food. Cooking is still a little sketchy in my new place–the dishwasher is broken until probably next week. I am totally one of those whiny brats that can’t function without a dishwasher. So.

Today was BBQ from the hot bar, pita chips, grapes, and some kind of lowish sugar danish thing. I’ve been eating like a moron. And the scale? Is still being nice. (I unboxed it after its hiatus, breathed a sigh of despair, and stepped on. Shockingly, I haven’t gained. Wtf.) But I know it’s short-lived. I’ve been active, moving and maintaining a balance of input/output. If I want to avoid a regain, I need to stop eating whatever is convenient. Surprisingly, I’m still avoiding fast food like the plague. So it’s good to know that even when I’m being “bad,” I still avoid high-fat, fried, greasy McD’s.

Still, I know, eggshells. Slippery slopes.

One thing I’ve learned is that it sucksto move this time of year. I’m not kidding. No one is open. The gas guy, the water guy, the cable/internet guys, the condo board with their ridiculous approvals, the repair guys, they all want these days off. To be with their families and eating seasonal comfort foods instead of helping me. The nerve. Now I know why Wi-Fi hotspots are so golden. They’re for freaks like me who would rather sit in hard wooden chairs for hours in front of strangers than sitting at home unpacking shit to the sound of static television.

So when you walk by someone like this, looking all bored and shit:


and wonder why they’re using the internet here instead of at home, well, then. It’s because the internet connecter people have the weekend off. And I have to get out of here in about an hour because these people all want to go home early, too! (How dare they? I have internet surfing to do!) My goodness. Never move into a new place around the holidays, people.

But really, I hope this is going to be a wonderful year. For everyone. New things, new experiences, new places, new jobs (I’ll tell more about that later), lots of “new” going on. I have nothing but optimism for the world this year. Maybe a little fear thrown in, but optimism. =)

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