Another favorite product: Soy Rocks bars

September 26, 2008 at 5:36 pm Leave a comment

I love getting packages in the mail. Especially when the package is full of food. Given, it’s food I paid for. But still, a package full of food is good times. And since surgery, I’ve become a total high-maintenance food girl, meaning most of the foods I eat I have to special order. That’s another thing they don’t tell you when you have surgery: you will spend lotsof money on vitamins, protein supplements, and fancy foods that make your pouch say “yeahhh that’s the stuff!”.

OK, so essentially, is my drug dealer. One of the things I randomly added to my shopping basket a few months ago has become one of my favorite post-op snacks. It’s made by a company called Dixie Diner and it’s a Soy Rocks Plus Flax bar. It comes in three flavors: Crunchy Apple, Crunchy Chocolate, and Crunchy Caramel Chocolate. All 3 are good, but the only one I had left was the caramel chocolate, so that’s what you see here:


Okay, honestly? All of these bars look like bird seed. This one kind of looks like a turd. I know, I know. It looks gross. But it’s not. Why would I lie? I was prepared for them to taste like the flax bars you get at Whole Foods (you know, the ones that pretty much look AND taste like bird seed? Yeah. Those.), but these are surprisingly sweet for such small amounts of sugar.


See? The nutritional stats are impressive. That’s 5 grams of fat, since my flash covered it up. They all have different stats, but they average out to about 100 calories each with 10 proteins, less than 5 sugars, and lots of fiber. No, really. I mean it when I say fiber. There’s your warning. =)

They’re chewy. And not as crunchy as they look. The regular chocolate bar is my least favorite, it’s a tad difficult to get past the chewiness. It doesn’t have an overwhelming chocolate flavor, but the one featured here actually tastes more like chocolate than caramel. It had maybe 3 or 4 actual chocolate chips in it. Mmm! And it’s not as dense as the regular chocolate. The Crunchy Apple flavor is super crumbly and has the lightest texture of them all. It falls apart easily, so expect to have little seeds on your counter if you split one in half. It does have a sweet apple kick to it. But my favorite? Definitely the caramel chocolate.

These bars are great to have in your purse for portable protein. Also good if your boyfriend is sitting next to you eating a Snickers. It keeps the envy at bay, just a little bit.


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