Being a homebody is totally green. I swear.

September 13, 2008 at 8:26 pm Leave a comment

More and more, as I drive on the insanely busy highway in front of my apartment and I see these…these things. These tiny little cars that look as though they should have giant wind-up keys on the roof. They’re about the size of the front end of my mom’s minivan, and they only seat two people. I hate to admit it, but they’re so cute it kind of disgusts me.

Cute like a cupcake!

Cute like a cupcake!

I want one. Especially because, for reasons uknown (or the fact that hurricane Ike is in full force), gas is well over $4 a gallon. It makes me sick. It’s turning me into a total hermit. I drive my boyfriend to work, I get my daily iced latte, and I high-tail it back to my box-sized apartment.

I could do something productive, like clean, or bake, or go work out in the teensey “gym” in the clubhouse. But, no. Until I get my SmartCar (I say this like it will actually happen), I’ve found creature comforts in this:


Kicking back with a blended iced Mocha and Desperate Housewives DVDs? Yes, please. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s not burning up gas. It’s good for the environment.


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Griffin H. Bat was very, very fat. She had WLS in 2007 and has gone from 314 pounds to 120ish, and often wonders where her mind went along with all that gooey adipose matter. Even with new guts, she still thinks about cupcakes and their confectionary goodness. She feels like a bear that has lost its stuffing, but she won't hesitate to tell you how lovely you are.

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